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Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

What's Included

  • VP200ES Professional Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer
  • VP20A Professional 16.8v 3400mAh Lithium Battery
  • VP10 Professional 16.8v Battery Charger
  • VP49 Nozzle Wrench
  • VP50 3-in-1 Nozzle (40/80/110 Microns)
  • Heavy Duty Water Resistant Carry Case


Our Professional Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer allows the user hours of spraying time without the hassle of dragging a cord. In addition, it is designed to save time and labour, spray less liquid, and cover more surfaces. Victory Sprayers’ patent-pending technology provides an electrical charge to solutions, allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with an effective and even coverage. Double-charged particles envelop all conductive surfaces – shadowed, vertical and underneath.

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Key Features

  • Patented electrostatic charge penetrates chemical providing a thin even spray pattern on all surfaces
  • Weighs only 2.5kg with a full tank
  • Cordless convenience allows for effortless movement room to room
  • 3-in-1 nozzle lets you set the spray particle size to match your application
  • 1 litre refillable tank allows you coat up to 93m2 on 40 micron setting
  • Victory 16.8v Lithium-Ion battery allows you to run between 20-80 tanks on a single charge


Voltage 16.8v
Warranty 1yr limited warranty
Battery 16.8v 3400mAh Lithium-Ion
Weight 1.7kg (2.5kg full)
LED Light Yes
Optimum Spray Distance 2 – 4ft (0.61 – 1.22m)
Tank Capacity 1 litre
Run Time 4 hours
Nozzle Spray Sizes 40 micron full cone 80 micron full cone 110 micron 120° fan
Charge Time 90 minutes
Flow Rate 40 micron / 83 mL per minute
80 micron / 106 mL per minute
110 micron / 331 mL per minute


VP20B 16.8V 6800mAh 2X Battery

VP10 16.8V Battery Charger

VP91 Carry Strap

VP75 Extension Wand

VP30 1 Litre Tank with Cap

VP49 Nozzle Wrench

VP50 3-in-1 Nozzle


Owner’s Manual

How to Use the Handheld Sprayer

Overall Application

Fighting Flu in Schools